Calvert County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Eleanor  Bef 1743Calvert County, Maryland I43551
2 AUSTIN, Henry Jr.  Bef 1712Calvert County, Maryland I43549
3 AUSTIN, Henry  Abt 1740Calvert County, Maryland I41371
4 AUSTIN, Henry  1760Calvert County, Maryland I41372
5 AUSTIN, Samuel  1710Calvert County, Maryland I13563
6 BOSWELL, Priscilla Jane  1819Calvert County, Maryland I12970
7 HARDESTY, George Hodges Jr.  1809Calvert County, Maryland I37499
8 HILLERY, Elizabeth  1668Calvert County, Maryland I13565
9 MARSHALL, Benjamin  1761Calvert County, Maryland I13552
10 MARSHALL, Christopher Richard Timothy   I37573
11 MARSHALL, Elizabeth  Abt 1705Calvert County, Maryland I13558
12 MARSHALL, Elizabeth  Abt 1767Calvert County, Maryland I19026
13 MARSHALL, James  Abt 1774Calvert County, Maryland I101
14 MARSHALL, Joseph  Abt 1762Calvert County, Maryland I13553
15 MARSHALL, Judy Elizabeth   I37571
16 MARSHALL, Margaret  1773Calvert County, Maryland I19027
17 MARSHALL, Martha  Calvert County, Maryland I22053
18 MARSHALL, Martin  7 Dec 1749Calvert County, Maryland I98
19 MARSHALL, Mary  Abt 1705Calvert County, Maryland I10405
20 MARSHALL, Mary  Abt 1775Calvert County, Maryland I19029
21 MARSHALL, Richard  Bef 1760Calvert County, Maryland I181
22 MARSHALL, Richard Sr.  Abt 1771Calvert County, Maryland I17767
23 MARSHALL, Roger Dale   I37566
24 MARSHALL, Samuel  Abt 1777Calvert County, Maryland I19025
25 MARSHALL, Thomas Sr.  Bef 1687Calvert County, Maryland I10403
26 MARSHALL, Thomas Jr.  Abt 1705Calvert County, Maryland I10402
27 MARSHALL, Thomas III  Bef 1734Calvert County, Maryland I10399
28 MARSHALL, Thomas  Abt 1769Calvert County, Maryland I19024
29 MARSHALL, Tony Allen   I37572
30 MARSHALL, Wayne Green Jr.   I37570
31 MARSHALL, William II  Abt 1705Calvert County, Maryland I10400
32 MARSHALL, William Jr.  Abt 1779Calvert County, Maryland I19030
33 MEARS, Sarah  4 Aug 1673Calvert County, Maryland I12281
34 TALBOT, Ann  8 May 1771Calvert County, Maryland I12939
35 TALBOT, Benjamin  11 May 1762Calvert County, Maryland I12934
36 TALBOT, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1767Calvert County, Maryland I12937
37 TALBOT, John  3 Jan 1766Calvert County, Maryland I12936
38 TALBOT, Peggy  9 Nov 1776Calvert County, Maryland I12942
39 TALBOT, Rachel  21 Nov 1774Calvert County, Maryland I12941
40 TALBOT, Samuel  18 Dec 1772Calvert County, Maryland I12940
41 TALBOT, Susanna  15 Jun 1769Calvert County, Maryland I12938
42 TALBOTT, Joseph  26 Jun 1764Calvert County, Maryland I12935
43 TALBOTT, Susannah  8 Dec 1735Calvert County, Maryland I14826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Henry  1 Aug 1745Calvert County, Maryland I13564
2 AUSTIN, Samuel  29 Jan 1765Calvert County, Maryland I13563
3 BOSWELL, Priscilla Jane  24 Jun 1880Calvert County, Maryland I12970
4 HILLERY, Elizabeth  Bef 1730Calvert County, Maryland I13565
5 MARSHALL, Mary  1764Calvert County, Maryland I10405
6 MARSHALL, William  6 May 1686Calvert County, Maryland I13555
7 MARSHALL, William II  1734Calvert County, Maryland I10400
8 STONE, John  1764Calvert County, Maryland I10406


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ANDREW / TALBOTT  29 May 1879Calvert County, Maryland F5159
2 AUSTIN / Harrison  1758Calvert County, Maryland F14841
3 AUSTIN / HILLERY  Abt Jul 1708Calvert County, Maryland F4365
4 AUSTIN / MARSHALL  19 Feb 1731Calvert County, Maryland F4364