West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRINTLE, Rodney Alan   I16642
2 CAIN, Kendall Edward   I26654
3 CLINE, Hally  Jan 1893West Virginia I26560
4 COX, Bobby  Abt 1931West Virginia I44521
5 COX, Carson Brown  27 Aug 1921West Virginia I44515
6 COX, Clyde   I44552
7 COX, Edith  Abt 1928West Virginia I44519
8 COX, J. D.  Abt 1930West Virginia I44545
9 COX, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1929West Virginia I44520
10 COX, Ora Jean   I44550
11 COX, Renick J.  18 Jan 1918West Virginia I44509
12 COX, Ruth  Abt 1924West Virginia I44517
13 COX, Titus  Abt 1927West Virginia I44518
14 CUMBO, Lawrence James , Jr.   I20485
15 CUNNINGHAM, Dimpsie J.  1901West Virginia I26384
16 CUNNINGHAM, Jaunita P.   I26385
17 CUNNINGHAM, Laura?? M.   I26386
18 CUNNINGHAM, Samuel L.  Feb 1900West Virginia I26827
19 CUNNINGHAM, Wayland N.  Dec 1898West Virginia I26826
20 DEAN, John  West Virginia I26442
21 DEEM, Alonzo  1906West Virginia I26771
22 DEEM, Edna  1909West Virginia I26772
23 DEEM, Iva  Jan 1913West Virginia I26773
24 DEEM, Nommie Cephes  8 Jun 1903West Virginia I26770
25 EAGAN, Eugene  Aug 1896West Virginia I26769
26 ENOCH, Benjamin  Feb 1884West Virginia I26469
27 ENOCH, Carl L.  Mar 1886West Virginia I26465
28 ENOCH, Cecil E.  Jan 1888West Virginia I26466
29 ENOCH, Dr. Charles  Jun 1893West Virginia I26468
30 ENOCH, Clyde E.  Jan 1892West Virginia I26836
31 ENOCH, Doris H.  1901West Virginia I26477
32 ENOCH, Gardner J.  Oct 1883West Virginia I26467
33 ENOCH, James F.   I26479
34 ENOCH, Virgie M.  Apr 1890West Virginia I26470
35 ENOCH, Vivian F.  Jun 1897West Virginia I26475
36 FIELDS, Roland Cleve  9 Jan 1930West Virginia I27584
37 FOUTTY, Claude M.  Oct 1895West Virginia I26483
38 GRAHAM, Charles C.  Feb 1882West Virginia I26763
39 GRAHAM, Della  1877West Virginia I26418
40 GRAHAM, Edwin M.  Nov 1883West Virginia I26764
41 GRAHAM, John Oliver  Nov 1872West Virginia I26415
42 GRAHAM, Joseph J.  Sep 1887West Virginia I26765
43 GRAHAM, Lewis  1876West Virginia I26417
44 GRAHAM, Lillie G.  Feb 1879West Virginia I26419
45 GRAHAM, Madge L.  Jun 1892West Virginia I26767
46 GRAHAM, Mary W.  Jul 1874West Virginia I26416
47 GRAHAM, Robert M.  Aug 1880West Virginia I26762
48 GRAHAM, Shirley L.  May 1889West Virginia I26766
49 HALBERT, Clarissa  1869West Virginia I26824
50 HARDBARGER, Shellia   I25964

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 FARNSWORTH, Harvey Ray , Sr.  10 Jan 1982West Virginia I26276
2 HULL, Agnes J.  21 Sep 1986West Virginia I26592
3 HYDE, William Henry  22 Jul 1988West Virginia I25409
4 JACKSON, George W.  3 Aug 1860West Virginia I26444
5 JENKINS, Amos Rupert  29 Jul 1974West Virginia I26353
6 JENKINS, Bernice June  10 Aug 1990West Virginia I25813
7 JENKINS, C.  Bef 1870West Virginia I25548
8 JENKINS, Mildred E.  Aft 19 Aug 1921West Virginia I25824
9 MARSHALL  May 1900West Virginia I26583
10 MARSHALL, Ellen  21 Jan 1878West Virginia I25563
11 SPARKS, U. Floyd  Aug 1950West Virginia I35297
12 SPEARS, Betty Ann  Bef 1980West Virginia I25692
13 SWIGER, Minnie Ellen  4 Nov 1964West Virginia I4963
14 WARF, Edward Arnold  1972West Virginia I44567


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 MARSHALL, Benjamin Porter Sr.  West Virginia I25558


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
2 JENKINS / JACKSON  Abt 1814West Virginia F15097
3 JENKINS / JOHNSON  1908West Virginia F8990
4 SANDY / HYDE   F9116
5 SANDY / RIFFLE   F9095
6 TEMBLE / SANDY   F9096