Rutherford County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLANTON, William Jackson Jr.  1819Rutherford County, North Carolina I36408
2 CAMP, Pauline   I29008
3 DAVIS, Patrick Todd   I37422
4 HYDER, Hattie Ruth   I13
5 HYDER, Ruby Lewis   I11695
6 HYDER, Worth Theodore Sr.  20 Oct 1900Rutherford County, North Carolina I2621
7 HYDER, Worth Theodore Jr.  20 Sep 1925Rutherford County, North Carolina I11619
8 LEWIS, Alva T.  Rutherford County, North Carolina I11865
9 LEWIS, Charles Wilber  29 Aug 1899Rutherford County, North Carolina I11863
10 LEWIS, Gladys  Rutherford County, North Carolina I11862
11 LEWIS, Hattie Elizabeth  1901Rutherford County, North Carolina I11864
12 LEWIS, Helen Lavonia  16 Aug 1905Rutherford County, North Carolina I2622
13 LEWIS, Lila Belle  24 Sep 1892Rutherford County, North Carolina I11861
14 LEWIS, Mary Louisa  19 Mar 1843Rutherford County, North Carolina I11870
15 LEWIS, Pinckney Pitman  18 Aug 1847Rutherford County, North Carolina I11858
16 LEWIS, Pittman  14 Aug 1789Rutherford County, North Carolina I11867
17 LEWIS, Rufus  16 May 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina I11869
18 LEWIS, Worth T.  Rutherford County, North Carolina I11866
19 PADGETT, Oscar , Jr.   I29817
20 PANNEL, Dove  1808Rutherford County, North Carolina I36404
21 SMITH, Nancy  1777Rutherford County, North Carolina I36388
22 SORRELS, Israel  1812Rutherford County, North Carolina I36407
23 WALL, Kincheon  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I36405
24 WHITAKER, Amy  8 Apr 1798Rutherford County, North Carolina I36391
25 WHITAKER, Denica  1819Rutherford County, North Carolina I36399
26 WHITAKER, John  7 May 1812Rutherford County, North Carolina I36396
27 WHITAKER, Mahala  1811Rutherford County, North Carolina I36395
28 WHITAKER, Manime  1801Rutherford County, North Carolina I36392
29 WHITAKER, Mary  1813Rutherford County, North Carolina I36397
30 WHITAKER, Sallie  1808Rutherford County, North Carolina I36394
31 WHITAKER, Sophronica Lucrettaw  1814Rutherford County, North Carolina I36398
32 WHITAKER, William  1806Rutherford County, North Carolina I36393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HANKS, Willam  Rutherford County, North Carolina I34382
2 HYDER, Worth Theodore Jr.  4 May 1997Rutherford County, North Carolina I11619
3 LEWIS, Charles Crawford Sr.  13 Dec 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I11873
4 LEWIS, Pittman  21 Apr 1858Rutherford County, North Carolina I11867
5 LEWIS, Rufus  5 Sep 1875Rutherford County, North Carolina I11869
6 SMITH, Nancy  Rutherford County, North Carolina I36388
7 WHITAKER, Abraham  1867Rutherford County, North Carolina I35531
8 WHITAKER, Amy  7 Jul 1875Rutherford County, North Carolina I36391
9 WHITAKER, Denica  1860Rutherford County, North Carolina I36399
10 WHITAKER, John  10 Oct 1880Rutherford County, North Carolina I36396
11 WHITAKER, Manime  28 Aug 1877Rutherford County, North Carolina I36392
12 WHITAKER, Sophronica Lucrettaw  1880Rutherford County, North Carolina I36398
13 WHITAKER, William  1879Rutherford County, North Carolina I36393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GIBSON, William Fred  Rutherford County, North Carolina I11902
2 HYDER, Worth Theodore Jr.  6 May 1997Rutherford County, North Carolina I11619