Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Zetta Estell  6 Feb 1902Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34194
2 HAWKS, Ada Estelle  6 Jul 1881Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34132
3 HAWKS, Connie Payton  12 Nov 1894Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34138
4 HAWKS, Homer Jefferson  19 May 1903Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34141
5 HAWKS, Jefferson Davis  4 Aug 1860Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34130
6 HAWKS, Lera Gladys  29 Oct 1891Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34137
7 HAWKS, Louisa Cecil  27 Apr 1905Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34142
8 HAWKS, Mary Opal  25 Nov 1897Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34139
9 HAWKS, Nancy Naomi  14 Mar 1899Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34095
10 HAWKS, Nina Zimosa  1 Feb 1890Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34136
11 HAWKS, Sally Miller  4 Mar 1886Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34134
12 HAWKS, Senora Florence  8 Aug 1900Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34140
13 HAWKS, Wilmont Harmon  13 Nov 1883Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34133


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COMBS, Elizabeth Malinda  10 Apr 1922Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34290
2 HANKS, Nancy Kent  2 Dec 1909Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34145
3 HAWKS, George Washington  28 Feb 1913Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34162
4 HAWKS, Nathaniel  19 Jun 1896Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34144
5 HAWKS, Orville  10 Apr 1893Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34159
6 HAWKS, Osborne Spencer  31 Mar 1937Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34160
7 HAWKS, Sally Miller  19 Apr 1904Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34134
8 HAWKS, Wilmont Harmon  10 Jul 1885Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34133
9 PAYNE, America V.  21 Oct 1944Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34279
10 PETERS, George A.  18 Oct 1907Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34143
11 SNOW, Martha Frances Fannie  28 Dec 1897Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I36093
12 SNOW, Sarah Sallie  10 May 1954Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I36094


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PETERS, George A.  Oct 1907Lambsburg, Carroll County, Virginia I34143