Ritchie County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BICKERSTAFF, William O.  1890Ritchie County, West Virginia I26403
2 BONAR, Luvinia A.  Abt 1871Ritchie County, West Virginia I26371
3 CONAWAY, Wilbert Emery  1888Ritchie County, West Virginia I26670
4 CUNNINGHAM, Benjamin F.  Jan 1897Ritchie County, West Virginia I26833
5 CUNNINGHAM, Charles W.  Aug 1895Ritchie County, West Virginia I26832
6 CUNNINGHAM, Edward G.   I26389
7 CUNNINGHAM, Edward M.  May 1878Ritchie County, West Virginia I26383
8 CUNNINGHAM, Ethel  Jan 1894Ritchie County, West Virginia I26831
9 CUNNINGHAM, M. Peter  Apr 1867Ritchie County, West Virginia I26373
10 CUNNINGHAM, Milton B.  Aug 1874Ritchie County, West Virginia I26381
11 CUNNINGHAM, Omer R.   I26388
12 CUNNINGHAM, Rhoda L.   I26387
13 CUNNINGHAM, Thomas E.  Dec 1898Ritchie County, West Virginia I26834
14 DEAN, James E.  1881Ritchie County, West Virginia I26669
15 DOUGLAS, Andrew Enid (Jude)  20 Mar 1904Ritchie County, West Virginia I26551
16 DOUGLAS, Andrew Matthew  1856Ritchie County, West Virginia I26488
17 DOUGLAS, Edwin Porter  23 Sep 1892Ritchie County, West Virginia I26494
18 DOUGLAS, Effa  1 May 1890Ritchie County, West Virginia I26489
19 DOUGLAS, Ernest Cyrus  25 Aug 1901Ritchie County, West Virginia I26529
20 FURR, Clyde  1893Ritchie County, West Virginia I25732
21 GARRISON, Blanche  1875Ritchie County, West Virginia I26626
22 GARRISON, Eva T.  1870Ritchie County, West Virginia I26624
23 GARRISON, Laura M.  1868Ritchie County, West Virginia I26623
24 GARRISON, Lucy J.  1873Ritchie County, West Virginia I26625
25 GARRISON, Vinton M.  1877Ritchie County, West Virginia I26627
26 HARDMAN, Julia V.  1862Ritchie County, West Virginia I26437
27 HARTMAN, Babe  May 1900Ritchie County, West Virginia I26459
28 HAUGHT, Chloe  May 1896Ritchie County, West Virginia I26829
29 HAUGHT, Everett  Nov 1898Ritchie County, West Virginia I26830
30 HAUGHT, Guy  May 1894Ritchie County, West Virginia I26828
31 HAWKINS, Alice B.  7 Mar 1905Ritchie County, West Virginia I25754
32 HAWKINS, Blanche M.  5 Dec 1893Ritchie County, West Virginia I25723
33 HAWKINS, Cora L.  Mar 1899Ritchie County, West Virginia I25731
34 HAWKINS, Elsie Jane  7 Nov 1903Ritchie County, West Virginia I25738
35 HAWKINS, Estella  6 May 1910Ritchie County, West Virginia I25757
36 HAWKINS, Eula G.   I25759
37 HAWKINS, Howard W.  9 Nov 1889Ritchie County, West Virginia I25682
38 HAWKINS, John S.  Jun 1894Ritchie County, West Virginia I25727
39 HAWKINS, John Wesley  Apr 1869Ritchie County, West Virginia I25681
40 HAWKINS, Minnie O.  Jan 1891Ritchie County, West Virginia I25684
41 HAWKINS, Rachel Della  1901Ritchie County, West Virginia I25733
42 HAWKINS, Weltha Myrtle  28 May 1892Ritchie County, West Virginia I25686
43 HAWKINS, William E.  Apr 1897Ritchie County, West Virginia I25728
44 HECK, Martha Ellen  Aug 1870Ritchie County, West Virginia I26456
45 JACKSON, Ada Thelma  1890Ritchie County, West Virginia I26452
46 JACKSON, Arthur F.  18 Nov 1892Ritchie County, West Virginia I26664
47 JACKSON, Corrine   I26680
48 JACKSON, George W.  9 Sep 1859Ritchie County, West Virginia I26444
49 JACKSON, Henry J.  12 Jun 1865Ritchie County, West Virginia I26454
50 JACKSON, Ira Lawrence  30 Dec 1880Ritchie County, West Virginia I26447

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 HARDMAN, Rosa Virginia  23 Aug 1898Ritchie County, West Virginia I26370
2 HAWKINS, Elsie Jane  12 Mar 1950Ritchie County, West Virginia I25738
3 HAWKINS, John Wesley  1945Ritchie County, West Virginia I25681
4 JACKSON, Ira Lawrence  11 Jan 1949Ritchie County, West Virginia I26447
5 JACKSON, Isaac A.  16 Nov 1895Ritchie County, West Virginia I26443
6 JENKINS, Charles  Bef Jun 1880Ritchie County, West Virginia I25534
7 JENKINS, Granville  Bef 1880Ritchie County, West Virginia I25585
8 JOHNSON, Rosie Virginia  2 Jun 1903Ritchie County, West Virginia I26406
9 MARR, Frances  17 May 1873Ritchie County, West Virginia I25520
10 MARSHALL, Benjamin Porter , Jr.  5 Aug 1863Ritchie County, West Virginia I26480
11 MARSHALL, Benjamin Porter Sr.  28 Dec 1900Ritchie County, West Virginia I25558
12 MARSHALL, Bruce T.  12 Jan 1876Ritchie County, West Virginia I26579
13 MARSHALL, Charles Ashley  23 Oct 1952Ritchie County, West Virginia I26580
14 MARSHALL, Ethel Mae  12 Nov 1924Ritchie County, West Virginia I26582
15 MARSHALL, Harvey Green  4 Jun 1948Ritchie County, West Virginia I26600
16 MARSHALL, infant child  11 Nov 1884Ritchie County, West Virginia I26597
17 MARSHALL, Infant son  5 May 1883Ritchie County, West Virginia I26596
18 MARSHALL, Opal Mable  4 Jul 1909Ritchie County, West Virginia I26590
19 MICHAEL, William Hadley  18 Feb 1955Ritchie County, West Virginia I25739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 MACKEY, Nancy J.  Ritchie County, West Virginia I26628
2 MARSHALL, George G.  Ritchie County, West Virginia I25564
3 MARSHALL, Infant son  Ritchie County, West Virginia I26596


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BICKERSTAFF / JOHNSON  24 Jun 1911Ritchie County, West Virginia F9292
2 CONAWAY / JACKSON  9 Mar 1909Ritchie County, West Virginia F9307
3 CUNNINGHAM / JOHNSON  28 Apr 1893Ritchie County, West Virginia F9281
4 CUNNINGHAM / JOHNSON  21 Apr 1898Ritchie County, West Virginia F9285
5 CUNNINGHAM / JOHNSON  5 Apr 1900Ritchie County, West Virginia F9286
6 DEAN / JACKSON  9 Jan 1907Ritchie County, West Virginia F9306
7 DOUGLAS / MARSHALL  3 Jul 1889Ritchie County, West Virginia F9323
8 ENOCH / MARSHALL  20 Jan 1881Ritchie County, West Virginia F9315
9 FOUTTY / MARSHALL  28 Oct 1885Ritchie County, West Virginia F9319
10 FURR / HAWKINS  19 Dec 1915Ritchie County, West Virginia F9049
11 HARTMAN / JACKSON  17 May 1899Ritchie County, West Virginia F9312
12 HAUGHT / JOHNSON  7 Jul 1893Ritchie County, West Virginia F9283
13 HISSEM / MARSHALL  4 Jun 1893Ritchie County, West Virginia F9369
14 JACKSON / HECK  24 Mar 1892Ritchie County, West Virginia F9311
15 JACKSON / MARSHALL  14 Oct 1858Ritchie County, West Virginia F8978
16 JACKSON / PRIBBLE  9 Feb 1902Ritchie County, West Virginia F9302
17 JENKINS / JOHNSON  7 Sep 1865Ritchie County, West Virginia F8936
18 JENKINS / OSBORNE  1 Nov 1911Ritchie County, West Virginia F8992
19 JOHNSON / BONAR  10 Dec 1907Ritchie County, West Virginia F8966
20 JOHNSON / HARDMAN  8 Mar 1874Ritchie County, West Virginia F8965
21 JOHNSON / SWADLEY  19 Oct 1905Ritchie County, West Virginia F9287
22 JOHNSON / TINGLER  26 Dec 1906Ritchie County, West Virginia F9284
23 KEENER / JOHNSON  25 Jul 1875Ritchie County, West Virginia F8969
24 MARSHALL / POWELL  24 Sep 1893Ritchie County, West Virginia F9365
25 MCCURDY / STANLEY  21 Jan 1883Ritchie County, West Virginia F8971
26 MIDKIFF / JENKINS  9 May 1906Ritchie County, West Virginia F8993
27 NUTTER / HAWKINS  19 Sep 1912Ritchie County, West Virginia F9046
28 PRATT / JOHNSON  19 Jun 1905Ritchie County, West Virginia F9290
30 SCOTT / JOHNSON  15 Apr 1903Ritchie County, West Virginia F9289
31 STANLEY / HARDMAN  16 Dec 1883Ritchie County, West Virginia F8970
32 STANLEY / MARSHALL  5 Apr 1860Ritchie County, West Virginia F8938
33 WILSON / MARSHALL  31 Dec 1903Ritchie County, West Virginia F9371