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Mayflower Disclaimer

Before setting down this possible lineage I must include the following excerpt from the May, 1993 issue of The Journal of the Surry County Genealogical Association, page 26.


In the SCGA Journal of November, 1992, page 23, a notation was printed regarding a Mayflower lineage. According to Caroline Lewis Kardell, Historian of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, the lineages cited are completely false. She says, "John Freeman and Mercy Prence and their descendants are completely covered in the Freeman Genealogy by Frederick Freeman, Boston, 1875 ...... John, Jr. did not have a son William. John Sr's son William remained on Cape Cod during his very short life. William's son William remained on Cape Cod and had a family of 11 children, all of whom married on Cape Cod, long after your supposed Freemans were in North Carolina. None of this family went to North Carolina."

In a letter written almost 50 years ago to an inquirer about the Freeman lineage, Mr. Axel Christensen, then Historian General of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, said .... "although our Society does not accept tradition, it is also true that in tracking them down one frequently finds that there is some basis for fact and a new line can be established." So let's keep searching!

Indeed, we are sorry we quoted apparently erroneous information. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone.

Because of the information above from the Society of Mayflower Descendants I have removed the false Mayflower connection from this web site. It was confusing people who saw the connection, but did not read this disclaimer. However, if you are interested is seeing the connection or wish to research the link further you may contact me at the email address on the home page. I will be glad to send that information to you. [David W. Marshall, Sr.]

Privacy Statement

For privacy concerns I do not display birth dates for living persons for the names on this web site. If you wish to know how I really feel about that you can read on. There are concerns by some people about balancing privacy issues and genealogy research on the Internet. If you see information about yourself or your family on my web site that you consider an invasion of your privacy please contact me immediately and I will remove the data.

My personal opinion is that doing good genealogy on the Web does not harm a person's privacy because the kinds of data I keep is not the kind of information a criminal wants if they are trying to defraud you. I do not keep social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, drivers license information, credit information, or any other information that is useful to criminals. I am still waiting for evidence that Internet genealogy has caused anyone to be harmed. Obviously, I don't consider the web to be a threat to me. I have gone to great effort to post my email address on dozens of web sites in hopes that other Marshall cousins will find me. As you can see, my full name, address, phone number, email address and a map to my house are present on one or the other of my web pages. I am not worried about goblins attacking me in the dead of the night because of that.

Nevertheless I respect anyone's right to attempt to keep such information off the web if you wish. I probably can find your name, address, phone number, and a map to you house on the web with very little effort, but if you do not want information about you and your family on this web site I will delete it. [David W. Marshall, Sr.]

Data Accuracy Statement

One thing you can be sure about is that there are numerous errors and omissions on this web site. The data has come to me from dozens of other people who, just like you and I, are intently interested in their family roots. I do not have formal public records for each name on the site, nor do I think it would be reasonable for you to expect that from me. All I can promise you is that I make corrections by the hundreds every year as people visit this site and email me corrections.

Please contact me with any additions or corrections in your family line. If you have reasonable documentation, or at least better than what I already have, I will be very pleased to make the changes. That is the essence and purpose of this site.