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301 !She was a widow with two daughters. They had two other daughters after their
marriage. I have no further information about them. 
302 Marshall 0395, pg. 15 Helen E.
303 !Marshall 0103, p. 25 Hessie C.
304 !Marshall 0007, Pg. 583 - "The Heritage of Surry County, North
Carolina Volumn I - 1983. Editor Hester Bartlett Jackson. 
305 !Marshall 0322, p. 32 Hope
306 !Marshall 0035, p. 5 Husie
307 !A GEDCOM file from Gordon Marshall. Inga
308 !Marshall 0066, p. 30 Irene
309 !Marshall 0290, p. 4 Irene Grace
310 Marion 0001, Pg 11 Irma Eulalah
311 !Marshall 0184, p. 2 Iva Blanche
312 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ivy Annie
313 Information given to me by Brent Sealy. 9/6/2006 - DWM Jack
314 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jackie
315 Information given to me by Brent Sealy. 9/6/2006 - DWM Jacob
316 !GEDCOM file from Eva Carolyn Flint - 11/13/2000 - DWM James
317 !Descendants of Richard and Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott of Popular Knowle West River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Compiled by Ida Morrison (Murphy) Shirk. Originally published in Baltimore, Maryland, 1927. Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, 1995. - Page 379. Jane
318 !Marshall 0121C, p. 1 Jane
319 !Marshall 0131, p. 4 Jane
320 !Marshall 0225, p. 3 Jane
321 !Marshall 0242, p. 34 Jane
322 !Marshall 0266, p. 21

323 !Marshall 0266, p. 27 Jane
324 !Marshall 0266, p. 6 Jane
325 From: "Lenore McAlexander"
Subject: info on McAlexander, Ian
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 4:15 PM

Supplement to information at the bottom of

Ian McAlexander's spouse's name is Lenore Hoyt McAlexander
(that's me).

Aaron McAlexander's daughter Emra is married to Terry
Hopkins and has a son, Kirklin Mack Hopkins.

Under the entry for David Turman: Jimmy Turman is actually
Jinny Turman, Female. Son Andrew Turman is married to a
woman named Jane.

Under the entry for Laurie Watts: her son Joel is now
326 Marshall 0248B - Gedcom from Larry Shelton. Jane
327 !GEDCOM file from Eva Carolyn Flint - 11/13/2000 - DWM Janet
328 From: BJ Thomhave [] Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 2:15 AM To: David Marshall Subject: Re: Onie Pearl Marshall
Gosh, I'm sorry you changed the name before I had the chance to tell you. Hope it wasn't too much of a hassle. Sorry about that. I did not know that Thine married a Gerrey as well. My Aunt Sandy told me that one of the Gerrey sons drowned but she did not know which one. She is 20 years younger than my Dad and did not spend alot of time with him as he was in the service. My Aunt Mozelle died about 10 years or so ago, shortly after I finally met her. I will never forget those blue eyes melding into mine. For the first time I saw where mine came from and could imagine what my Dad looked like face to face. She married Lester Lewis who also died about 2 or more years ago. Not sure exactly. Their son Jerry Lewis and I believe the other is Joseph(never met him) are still living in Winston Salem. Jerry is a wonderful guy and he had a lovely wife Janet but she died last year. They had 1 son Michael who is married now and lives in PA. My other Uncle Lester(Gerrey) went by Nick. He died a while ago too. His wife Gladys moved to Newport News with her son Ronny Gerrey and his wife Sydney after that. I do not know if Gladys is alive or not. I pretty much just get tidbits of info through my Mom when she gets a card from Sandy or now and then when I hear from Sandy. I thought my Aunt Florence died way before 1996 though. It is getting late, so I will write with all my siblings names and dates later. Three boys, three girls and also my childrens names and dates. Is there any other type of info you are needing? Please let me know. Do you know what country(ies) the lineage started from? Well, Friday the 13th held a little magic after all! I will never forget this day. It is great to be connecting with you. I'm really sorry about the name spelling thing. Have a great weekend! Karen:) 
329 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Janet
330 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Janet
331 !GEDCOM file from Eva Carolyn Flint - 11/13/2000 - DWM Janette
332 !Marshall 0275C, p. 48 Janice
333 Johnson 0001, pg. 33 Janice
334 GEDCOM file from Elvia Margarita (Aponte) Feldmiller. - 9/3/2003 - Email: Jean, Crawford
335 Document: Marshall 0362, p. 6 Jeanette
336 !Marshall 0127, p. 9
!Marshall - Larry 1.doc 
337 !GEDCOM file from Eva Carolyn Flint - 11/13/2000 - DWM Jeffrey
338 ________________________________________________
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Odessa Elliott

in re: Jemina Vanhoy We've now found John Vanhoy's Will. He names as his second wife Jemina, but does not give her maiden name. One of his children is Abraham Vanhoy husband of Verlinda Boswell Marshall; father of Martin, and grandfather of John Henry Vanhoy who married his second cousin Leatha O. Marshall.

John Vanhoy owned land in Kent Co, DE, on Little Neck Creek, and we've found an Abraham Vanhoy Sr. who owned land there in the early-mid 1700s. 
339 !From a GEDCOM file sent to me by Marian Hays. This was in the notes file of
one of this either person's spouse, parents, or grandparents. [DWM-1993] 
Jennie A.
340 !Carroll County (Virginia) Genealogy Club Newsletter, December, 1997 Jestin
341 !Marshall 0092, p. 12 Joan
342 !Marshall 0212 Johnnie
343 !A GEDCOM file from Gordon Marshall. Jolene
344 Marshall 0370 - Information given to me at the family reunion in 1998 in White Plains, NC. (DWM) Joseph C. Leahy
345 !Marshall 0078, p. 2 Joyce
346 !Marshall 0133, p. 11 Joyce
347 !Marshall 0148, p. 41 Judith
348 !Email from Jean (Sawyers) Badgett - 12/13/2000 - DWM Judy
349 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Judy
350 !Marshall 0242, p. 69 Judy

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