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151 !Marshall 0251, p. 2 Carrie
152 From: (Warren Atkinson)
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2004 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: Abraham Marion


Warren W. Atkinson and Lilla Belle Marion were my grandparents. They were married and divorced twice. Grandmother later married Houston Bean, whom she also divorced. According to SSDI, grandmother was born, September 28, 1896. She died in July-1883, [This must be 1893 rather than 1883 - DWM] High Point, NC. (Guilford, NC). Grandfather was born, August 15, 1886, Surry CO., NC., and died, July 15, 1962, probably High Point, NC. They were married, December 26, 1911, Surry CO., NC. Their marriage license shows Warren, 25 and Lilla 15. They were married at the residence of A. D. Marion, Eldora, Surry CO., NC. Their wedding license notes the parents of Warren as father W. H. Atkinson and mother Nannie Atkinson, of Surry CO., NC. Lilla's parents were noted as father A. D. Marion and mother E. E. Marion. My grandfather Warren was married at least five times:-)).

Warren married (1) Lilla Belle Marion, 26 Dec 1911, Surry CO., NC.
(2) Ethel Wright
(3) Carrie Last 4 not in any order
(4) Lucy
(5) Edna

153 !Marshall 0159, p. 5 Cassandra
154 !Marshall 0141, p. 3 Catharine
155 Her name really is spelled Catharine rather than Catherine on her gravestone. Catharine
156 !Marshall 0033b Catherine
157 !Marshall 0131, p. 5 Catherine
158 !Marshall 0266, p. 11

159 Marshall 0248B - Gedcom from Larry Shelton. Charity
160 !Marshall 0296, p. 1 Charlene
161 !Marshall 0156, p. 5 Charles
162 !Marshall 0113, p. 19 Charlotte
163 Marshall 0248B - Gedcom from Larry Shelton. Charlotte F.
164 !Interview with Judy and Tom Riggs - 3/5/1993 - DWM Christina
165 !Marshall 0241, p. 60 Christina
166 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cindy
167 Document: Marshall 0362, p. 6 Cindy Marie
168 !Talbot 0010, pg. 18 Clara
169 From: timjcook
Date: Thursday, August 26, 2004 11:02 PM

I was very impressed with your efforts in the recording of family information. I have been trying to find out more on my mother's family...Robert Nathaniel Owen and Ennis Ethel Coon were her parents. My husband also has a web site and I know how difficult and time consuming it is to get everything write on the web. Through your web site, I was able to retrieve more information that I didn't have.
I did find a few errors that you might want to correct if you have the time...My dad Willie Elbert Gibbons (not Givens) married Earline Marie Owen Rawden Rippey (not Roden Rappey) married my Aunt Lucille Owen My Uncle Clyde Owen married Lula Belle Wright children: Randy, Judy Lynn, and you do not have their third child, Barry.
My Aunt Patricia Owen did not stay married to Pean Cain very long. She married Darryl L. Smith and had a child Stevie.
I spent several hours looking over your web site, and again want to commend you for such a job well done. I still can't find much about the Coon/ Saunders family. If you have any suggestions on how I might find more about these families who lived in the Shoals area of Surry county please let me know. I am a retired school teacher, and have spent so much time in the classroom teaching 4th and 6th grades that I do not know much about the research of family history.Thank you for sharing your findings with others. 
170 !An interview with Annabell Taylor (RIN 826), 9/3/1994. Clevie
171 !From a GEDCOM file sent to me by Marian Hays. This was in the notes file of
one of this person's spouse, parents, or grandparents. [DWM-1993] 
172 !Marshall 0070, p. 4 Cordelia
173 !Marshall 0186, p. 3 Coreen
174 Information given to me by Brent Sealy. 9/6/2006 - DWM Cristine
175 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cynthia
176 !Marshall 0103, p. 88 Cynthia Ann
177 !Marshall 0225, p. 14 Cynthia L.
178 !Marshall 0258, p. 1 Daisy
179 !Marshall 0170, p. 3 Dawn
180 !This was in a christmas letter that her mother-in-law, Judy, sent to us in December 1999. Debbie
181 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Debbie
182 !GEDCOM file from Eva Carolyn Flint - 11/13/2000 - DWM Deborah
183 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Decie E.
184 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Decie E.
185 Marshall 0248B - Gedcom from Larry Shelton. Della
186 !Marshall 0073, p. 9 Delphia
187 !A GEDCOM file from Gordon Marshall Dessie
188 !Marshall 0247, p. 3 Deta
189 !Marshall 0133, p. 11 Diane
190 !Marshall 0323, p. 3 Diane
191 !Marshall 0033 Donna
192 Arthur Marshall forwarded the following message to me. - 6/14/2003 - DWM

Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 5:21 PM
Subject: Update from Roy and Colleen Pope


We very much regret that we cannot be with all of you today, but wish to tell you that we're thinking about you and keeping each of you in our prayers.

Roy and I are having some serious challenges now, preventing us from making any plans, long range, and so we are thankful to take one day at a time - which is all we have, you all probably know, anyway.

I'm behind in keeping you posted about our lives - so here's a quick update:

Roy has been battling polysythemia vera (blood cancer) for several years now. He is on an experimental drug, Thalidomide, along with Prednisone which seems to be effective in keeping his hemoglobin level up so that he does not have to go in for two units of blood every four weeks. Our lives are busy with frequent trips to the VA Hopsital and clinic - doctors and his oncologist.

Since my retirement from the YMCA, I have been able to care-give at home and keep up with most things - with the help of our two daughters, Marsha and Janis. Lately though, it has been difficult for me since increased pain and stress with my right knee (osteo-arthritis) and the cortisone injections have ceased to be effective. I am now having a total knee replacement on June 16th and, hopefully, I'll be back in the running and in good, or at least, better shape with a couple of months to continue my responsibilities. Our travel plans for the past few years have been put on hold, but we are still hoping to see some of you in future days.

Since Christmas, our family has kept us on our toes as we witnessed Marsha's last child, Stacie Greathouse, graduate on May 21st. Rose Elizabeth graduated from Circle Christian School last May, 2003 and just finished her first year at Bell Haven College in Maitland. I forgot to say that Rose is the 5th child of Janis and her husband, Tim Spalding. Jessica, Janis' oldest, was married 2 years ago and presented her parents with a beautiful baby daughter, Luanna Ada (named after her Aunt Luanne, our youngest daughter whom we lost at age 20 to Lupus.) David, Janis' #2 son, and his wife Donna had a baby girl in November two years ago, and are expecting another in September. WOW!! Great to be great grandparents!! Christina, Janis's #2 daughter, is a nurse and has spent the last two summers in Peru and Mexico doing youth ministry work and learning more Spanish. Well, when she came home last summer, she was engaged to Jair Colli, a civil engineer and representative of Campus Crusade for Christ in Mexico. She is now finalizing plans for the wedding on August 7th in Merida, Mexico - AND will be living in Mexico. As you see, we are all busy living life and being thankful for God's many blessings.

Please let us hear all your news, and I promise to return your notes.


Colleen and Roy

(P.S. Attached, hopefully, is a recent picture of Roy and I with our daughters Marsha and Janis.) 
193 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Donna
194 Marshall 0364, p. 34 Donna
195 !Marshall 0282, p. 2

From: John Feazel []
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 11:49 PM
To: David Marshall
Subject: Marshall Genealogy

Following are some corrections and updates for the Marshall genealogy records on your data base.
William C. Marshall -
born: 27 Mar 1842 in Stokes County, NC
died: 12 Sep 1916 in Lincoln County KY
Buried: Waynesburg, Lincoln County, KY, Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery

William C. Marshall?s Parents:
Richard Marshall & Susannah Samuel

William C. Marshall?s Spouse (They married 22 Dec 1867 in Surry County, NC)
Elina Jane Johnson - born: 2 Sep 1847 in VA
died: 3 May 1928 in Hawkins County, TN
buried in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN in Elm Springs Cemetery

Elina?s Parents: (They married in 1846 in Hillsville, Carroll County, VA
Father: Lewis Martin Johnson - born 12 Feb 1821 in VA
died 29 Oct 1879 in VA

Lewis Martin Johnson?s Parents :
Jabez Johnson - born: abt 1785 in Virginia
Mary A. Newell - born abt 1785

Mother: Delia (Dealia) Wheeler - born 19 Dec 1819 in Grayson County VA

Delia?s Parents:
Vincent Wheeler -
born 24 Nov 1767 in Maryland
died 1854 in Carroll County, VA
Rebecca Richmond Martin -
born 10 Jan 1778 in NC
died 1864 in Carroll County, VA

Children of William C. & Elina Marshall

1. Samuel L. Marshall - born 10 Jul 1868 in NC; died 27 Apr 1948;
spouse - Leonna "Nora" M. Brown.

2. Lucittia A. Marshall - born 20 Jan 1870; died 1 Apr 1933 in Hawkins County, TN
Buried in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN, Elm Springs Cemetery. She never married

3. Richard Frank Marshall - born 1872 in NC
Spouse - Dora Brown

4. William Alfred Marshall - born 28 Feb 1874 in Banner Elk, Surry County, NC; died 3 Jul 1962 in Kingsport, Sullivan County, TN
Spouse - Ollie Elizabeth Bray - born 23 Sep 1888 in Hawkins County, TN; died 13 Mar 1920 in Hawkins County, TN,.
They married in 1906 in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN.
Both are buried in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN in Elm Springs Church Cemetery.

Parents of Ollie Elizabeth Bray are:

Nathan T. Bray, born 6 Mar 1863 in TN; died 9 Mar 1928
Margaret Eve "Maggie" Snapp, born 10 Feb 1870 in VA; died 3 Sep 1926
Both buried in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN, Elm Springs Church Cemetery

5. Susan Virginia Marshall - born 1876 in NC

6. Charles J. Marshall - born 20 Apr 1878; died - 1 Jan 1906 in Banner Elk, NC
Spouse - Viola Blair

7. Delia Alice Marshall - born 21 May 1881; died - 6 Mar 1967 in Hawkins County, TN
Spouse - Charles Melvin "Charley" Snapp

8. George Marshall - born 8 Jul 1884; died 30 Nov 1916 in Globe Arizona. (He was killed in a blasting accident in Globe, Arizona and is buried in Waynesburg, Lincoln County, KY, Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery). He never married.

Children of Lewis Martin Johnson and Delia (Dealia) Wheeler

1. Elina Jane Johnson (see above)
2. Mary Johnson born 1849 in VA; died in Florida
3. Emily E. (Emma) Johnson - born 13 Dec 1842 in Carroll County, VA;
died 14 May 1935 in Banner Elk, Avery County, NC
Spouse: William A. Draughn
4. Louisa A. Johnson born 7 Apr 1857 in VA; died 17 Apr 1893 in NC
Spouse: Robert Theodore Shomaker - (Married 14 Feb 1878)

5. Alfred M. Johnson
born 20 Jun 1863 in NC;
died 23 Apr 1947 in KY
buried in Waynesburg, Lincoln County, KY in Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery
Spouse: Mary B. (she is also buried in Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery)
Imogene Feazel

196 !Marshall 0113, p. 19 Doris
197 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Doris
198 Document: Marshall 0362, p. 6 Doris
199 !Marion 0001, Pg. 46 Dorothy
200 !Marshall 0127, p. 11 Dorothy

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