Wedding of Henry Wolf and Mary Bethania (Mamie) Marshall
Mt. Airy, North Carolina, June 8, 1910


Welcome to the only Web Site dedicated entirely to the Marshalls of Surry, Forsyth, and Stokes Counties in North Carolina and Carroll County in Virginia.

I also Research The Following Allied Families: Badgett, Frey (Fry), Joyce, Marion, Marshall, Key, Nichols, Quesenberry, Robertson, Sparger, Talbot (Talbott), Vanhoy, Venable, Wolfe and Wray. Altogether there are 44,000 names on this website.

This site focuses primarily on the family of Martin Marshall; Born in Calvert County Maryland; died in Stokes (Now Forsyth County), North Carolina. The information at this site also includes the names of the people we believe to be the ancestors of Martin. Even though we are not certain about Martin's ancestors, Michael Marshall of Caret, Virginia has come closer to closing that gap than anyone else I have been in contact with. I am including the results of his work in hopes that as time goes along others can refine the data and, perhaps eventually find the documentation we need to firmly establish the family links.

The data at this site begins with William Marshall, the person we believe to be Martin Marshall's 2nd great grandfather. Beginning with William there are over 13,00 Marshall descendants on this site.

So, begin your search. Good luck, and please contact me if you find a connection to any of the family lines on this web site.

Origin and Meaning of the Marshall Name

Marshall Name Meaning English and Scottish: status name or occupational name from Middle English, Old French maresc(h)al ‘marshal’. The term is of Germanic origin (compare Old High German marah ‘horse’, ‘mare’ + scalc ‘servant’). Originally it denoted a man who looked after horses, but by the heyday of medieval surname formation it denoted on the one hand one of the most important servants in a great household (in the royal household a high official of state, one with military responsibilities), and on the other a humble shoeing smith or farrier. It was also an occupational name for a medieval court officer responsible for the custody of prisoners. An even wider range of meanings is found in some other languages: compare for example Polish Marszalek (see Marszalek). The surname is also borne by Jews, presumably as an Americanized form of one or more like-sounding Jewish surnames.

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feature 1 Where is John Marion Marshall Buried? Here is everything I know about him. I hope we will eventually find his grave site. It is quite a story.

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